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Apptus brings more than 15 years of experience delivering eCommerce solutions for B2B retailers. During this time, we have solved various challenges for some of the leading companies in the world. Our efforts have resulted in a single, unified solution that truly empowers B2B retailing teams to increase online sales performance by providing extraordinary customer experiences.

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eSales - simply built for B2B eCommerce

eSales - our scalable and customisable platform for B2B retailers, provides high performance features for personalised site search, site navigation, product recommendations, email recommendations and content/ads.

eSales was built on the idea of increasing operational efficiency by finding the perfect balance between automation (AI) and manual input. According to our vision, machines do the heavy lifting of repetitive and manual merchandising, freeing up time for merchandisers to focus more on strategic and creative work.

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eSales provides spectacular results
for B2B retailers by enabling:


Superior capacity, handling more than 20 million products for several of our clients, in real time.


Excellent execution times not only for queries, but also for indexing, updates, etc.


Designed to allow for a high degree of customisation, considering every retailer’s unique needs and complexity of business use cases.

Low maintenance

Able to maintain a high relevance degree over time, fine-tuned by an optimal balance of automation (AI) and manual efforts.

What our customers say

Electronics products
"When we let the system do its job, we saw an increase in conversions of over 10 percent. This is an enormous increase for a B2B site."

Jens Malmqvist
Store Optimisation Manager, Dustin

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diy products
"Our site ran like clockwork throughout Black Friday with 100% availability. We are very pleased that we took the decision to take the leap to Apptus Cloud!"

Mikael Olander
CEO, Bygghemma group

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