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Winning the hearts and minds of customers and staying ahead of the competition are challenges to B2C online retailers. Regardless of vertical, retailers must always find ways to be relevant in every shopping moment. This is where Apptus eSales - built from the ground up to help B2C retailers be successful in online merchandising and sales – really makes a difference.

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eSales - simply built for B2C eCommerce

The eSales platform includes purposely developed functionality, powered by AI and Machine Learning, for driving increased conversion of visually driven design products across fashion, furniture, home decoration, and more. The algorithms, supporting shoppers across site search, site navigation, product recommendations, content/ads and email recommendations, was designed to provide optimal guidance, inspiration and relevancy throughout the entire customer journey.

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eSales provides spectacular results
for B2C retailers including:

Specialised Data Model

A best practise product data model for satisfying industry specific requirements and needs.

Specialised Data Processing

Algorithms with lifestyle specific domain knowledge input that learns and improves over time.


A platform designed to allow for a high degree of customisation, considering every retailer’s unique needs and complexity of business.

Efficiency and Control

Maintaining a high degree of relevance over time, fine-tuned with an optimal mix of automation (AI) and manual pinning and curation efforts.

What our customers say

books and media products
"Apptus eSales has been invaluable in our journey, and central to achieving a conversion rate which is more than three times higher than the market average."

Rubie Oliphant
Product Specialist, AdLibris

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beauty products
"We saw a strong increase in all indicators; click through rate, percentage added to the shopping cart, number of purchases, conversion rate and average order value."

Jenny Vesterlund
eCommerce Manager, KICKS

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