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esales - radically smarter merchandising for ecommerce

One solution for optimising your entire eCommerce site

eSales provides eCommerce managers with AI-powered, business objective-driven online merchandising that increases customer lifetime value. With an optimal mix of automation (AI) and manual input Apptus provides a unified solution for online merchandising across:

Each component learns from and informs the others, which results in a more relevant user experience that leads to higher conversions and increased sales.

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Organisational efficiency

eSales takes care of manual and repetitive tasks, freeing time for the merchandising team to concentrate on creative activities. Since the system is alert at all times you can catch trends and respond in real time to all opportunities.

Built to scale

Designed for product catalogues with millions of products and high traffic volumes, eSales ensures fast response times, even when the pressure is on.

International capability

To ensure a local look and feel within a global or multinational context, the system captures and uses individual market languages and location behaviour to optimise product ranking across each site.

Learns and delivers value in real-time

eSales is a powerful solution that utilizes AI to automate the workload, removing much of the manual heavy lifting. The AI reacts faster than any human and is able to catch both micro and macro trends.

It learns from visitors’ behaviour in real-time, anticipating their intent, and adapts the results to rank the most relevant products higher, maximising your sales. Easy-to-use tools ensure there’s still room for a merchandiser’s human touch.

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Maximising business goals

eSales enables you to automatically optimise what kind of products to expose on your site based on which business objective you choose: more conversions or higher revenue or profit.

Conversions exposes products that sell more. Optimising for revenue exposes higher priced products and optimising for profit exposes high margin products. You can switch strategy to catch pay-days or to sell out old stock. Test what works for you!

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Maximise business goals for ecommerce

Promotions and demotions

To affect seasonal products, manage stock levels or reward house brands, you can manually boost selected products to be pushed higher up in the product listings.

The opposite is to demote selected products, such as seasonal wear that’s out of season, by burying them lower down in search results and category pages.

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