Radically Smarter Merchandising for Fashion & Apparel

Apptus eSales enables fashion and apparel retailers to create exceptional shopping experiences. By utilising AI, eSales frees up time by harmonising the workload between man and machine, empowering merchandisers to better guide, inspire and delight customers by always showing and recommending products that are most relevant to them.

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Achieving fast, relevant and inspiring product exposure

24/7 identification and recommendation of relevant products, at the right time, to any individual customer, across all touchpoints of the digital shop.

Spotting and reacting to trending products in real-time

Spotting product trends from customer behaviour in real-time, handling large volumes while maintaining performance, even as assortments shifts

Reducing complexity

Simplifying work for merchandisers by reducing the number of systems, introducing ease-of-use for every role within the online merchandising team.

Reducing manual, repetitive and time-consuming work

Finding the optimal mix between manual work and automation (AI), reducing time-consuming, repetitive tasks, allowing teams to do more creative and strategic work

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One unified solution to support merchandisers

A single solution covering search, navigation, recommendations and content that is intuitive and easy to use

Built for eCommerce

Utilizing AI to pick up on emerging trends based on user behaviour, increase relevancy and delight customers with an excellent shopping experience

Automation reducing the workload

Empowering merchandisers providing the optimal mix of manual work and automation

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Higher relevancy

Providing a delightful shopping experience in every moment

A unified solution

Purposely built for eCommerce, reduces complexity and empowers Fashion & Apparel retailing teams

Reduced manual work

Due to a high degree of automation, freeing up time for creative merchandising work

Higher conversion rates and increased sales

By being relevant in every moment your revenue will grow significantly

Instantly responding to emerging trends

By utilising automation, based on behavioural data, you will enjoy optimal product exposure

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eSales - simply built for eCommerce

We bring more than 15 years of experience of developing solutions for boosting eCommerce. eSales is a single, unified solution for online merchandising across site search, site navigation, product recommendations, content/ads and email recommendations and the sharing of data across these functions simply results in greater shopping experiences.

eSales is highly automised, leveraging machine learning to achieve constant, 24/7-tuning of the business strategy, resulting in exposure of the most relevant products to reach higher conversion rates and increased sales.

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