Radically Smarter Merchandising for Food & Beverage

Apptus eSales enables food & beverage retailers to achieve better customer experiences. By utilising AI, eSales automatically reacts and responds to micro-trends. It also increases operational efficiency for merchandising teams, freeing up time by harmonising the workload between man and machine, empowering merchandisers to focus more on strategic and creative work.

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Understand customer habits and behaviour

Ability to react fast to the unpredictability of customers.

Retain customer loyalty

Maintain the quality of the service to have loyal, returning customers.

Responding to rapidly changing market trends

Enable customers to find new, inspiring products, preventing them to start looking for other alternatives.

Provide easy search and navigation

Give guidance and relevant recommendations for shoppers to find what they are looking for.



A single solution

Built from the ground up to support ecommerce, empowering customers across search, navigation and recommendations.

Reduced workloads by automation

Freeing up time for merchandisers doing quality and creative work as volumes increases.

Scalability with relevancy

Providing great performance at all time, even as assortments change or scale, making sure that product searches are relevant.

Provides inspiration through recommendations

For increasing spontaneous shopping and at the same time understanding replenishment cycles.

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Increased basket size

Always knowing which products to push, leading to higher sales and revenue.

Highly automated solution

Utilizing AI to capturing and responding micro-trends, in real-time.

Strong search and navigation

A better customer experience by showing more, comparable attributes, for the most relevant products, based on individual and crowd behavioural data.

Inspiration through recommendations

Understanding replenishment cycles – BUT with room for further inspiration by showing new products.

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eSales - simply built for eCommerce

eSales is unified solution for online merchandising providing exceptional support for site search, site navigation, product recommendations, content/ads and email recommendations, sharing data across these functions to provide guidance and inspiration to shoppers.

eSales is highly automated, leveraging machine learning to better understand and react to customer preferences and behavior. The result is a better overall shopping experience where the most relevant products are recommended, increasing the average basket size, leading to higher conversion and increased sales.

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