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Increase DIY e-commerce Sales with these 9 Tips

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Increase DIY e-commerce Sales with these 9 Tips


Offer your customers guides, articles and checklists on your DIY e-commerce site. For example, an article with tips on how to fix your balcony, a guide on how to repaint the best way, or a checklist of things to keep in mind when laying a new floor.

Customer service

Make sure your customer service can handle all the questions that your customers may have. In this industry, there might be a lot of questions and the customers often need help. Be available by phone every day, help may be needed urgently and then phone is the best way. It’s also a good idea to have a live chat function on your site.

DIY customer service

User generated content

Online shoppers research a lot before making a purchase, gathering information about the product they want to buy. Reading users experiences, products reviews and ratings is a part of the purchase decision. It’s a good idea to use photos shared by customers. People don’t trust companies, but people do trust people.

Newsletter subscription

Give your customers the opportunity to subscribe to your weekly (or monthly) newsletter. Let the emails contain discounts, inspiration and information from your e-commerce store.

DIY newsletter on laptop


It’s a good idea to have videos that show how to use the product in question. That way, it will be easier for the customer to understand how to proceed and it will be one step closer to a purchase.

Offer easy and smooth deliveries/returns

It’s important to have an easy way to deliver/return packages. If it is not simple enough, it will probably not result in a purchase in the first place.

Product description

Make sure you have good product descriptions on your products. Measurements, colors, materials and other important, necessary, information about your products

DIY description


Offer your customers the opportunity to become members at your customer club (in your loyalty programs). That way, you can offer special prices to your members and they can easily use previous purchase history to help inform their next decision.

Offer craftsmen’s help

It’s a good idea to offer your customers the opportunity to hire craftsmen through your e-commerce. Customers that do not have time or knowledge are still able to shop from you and receive specialist help.

DIY craftsmen

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