12 tips to grow your Fashion eCommerce business

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12 tips to grow your Fashion eCommerce business

Fashion eCommerce is growing fast. In this article we give 12 tips aimed at fashion retailers to keep up with the trends, and help you grow your online fashion business.

1. Customer experience

Get to know your customers and help them find what they are looking for as fast and smooth as possible. It should be easy to navigate in your fashion eCommerce store. A product should be available with a few clicks.

It’s also important to offer an easy way for customers to contact customer service if there are any questions.

2. Personalised emails

Build a long lasting relationship with your customers by sending personalised emails, for example:

  • Abandoned cart email to remind the customers who left their shopping cart without completing the purchase.
  • A ‘Thank you’ email for purchasing products.
  • Wishlist product updates.
  • Reminder when an item is back in stock

3. User generated content

Online shoppers research alot before making a purchase, by gathering information about the product they want to buy. Reading users experiences, products reviews and ratings is a part of the purchase decision. It’s a good idea to use photos shared by customers. People don’t trust companies, people trust people.

fashion customers ratings

4. Optimise your product description

Having high-quality content on your eCommerce website is one of the best ways to increase traffic and improve your Google search ranking. Find keywords that people search for, choose high-value keywords and publish content that Google searchers want, are some of the things you need to do.

seo for ecommerce

5. Suggest complementing products

Promote complete looks and suggest other complementing products that go with the purchase. For example, suggest a nice shirt to the jeans that the customer added to their shopping cart.

6. Influencer marketing

Influencers can boost your brand, increase sales and reach out directly to your target audience in a way that has never been possible before. Your eCommerce conversion rate is dependent on this.

To try to track everything, and control your merchandising in real-time, is almost impossible. Your merchandising needs to be highly automated, and react to this influence. The more relevant your products are, the more you can increase your sales.

Show the right products, at the right places, at the right times.

fashion influencer

7. Sustainability

It’s 2020 and there is higher demand for fashion brands and eCommerce stores. Customers are more aware and interested in what they are buying. Make it easy for your customers to find which products are sustainably produced, by using a sustainability tag.

fashion ecommerce sustainability

8. Size recommendations

It’s important to offer as much information as possible about the garment. The dimensions of each size, which size the model in the picture is wearing, etc.

AI is always a good idea. Let your customers fill in their body measurements and create an AI model that is looking like themselves. That way, they can try out clothes online and get an idea of how the clothes will fit in real life.

It’s also a good idea to recommend which size your loyal customers should buy, based on previous orders.

9. Omnichannel

Ensure your customers get an equally good experience regardless of which channel they choose to visit, by using omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel marketing means using all relevant channels for a coherent marketing of your eCommerce store.


10. Image search

Visual search optimisation boosts conversion and engagement. The customer experience would be much better if you offer image-based search where users could use images to search for other similar products. That way customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

11. Find the balance

For big, international companies, it’s hard to optimise the product exposure for all time zones and all seasons. Automated merchandising will help you find the balance and show the perfect mix between trends, best sellers and news.

Apptus eSales helps you be able to respond quickly to emerging trends and seasonal assortment changes. A unified solution with multiple functions working as one, leading to better shopping experiences and more successful retailers.

12. Be unique

Think outside the box and try new things. You need to be unique and stand out from the mass of companies that sell the same products.

But how?

It’s a good idea to do A/B tests to see what works for your customers. A/B testing means that visitors view 1 of 2 different of a page. One is called the A version and the other one is called the B version. They usually have slightly different designs, or some other differences.

You collect data from real visitors during the test; that way you can clearly measure which of the pages converts best. This is a very powerful approach for increased conversion, as you will find which design solutions give the best results.

Ab test