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Food & Beverage: 7 Tips to Boost e-commerce Growth

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Food & Beverage: 7 Tips to Boost e-commerce Growth

Due to Covid-19 many people have changed their habits, and ways of living. Things that used to be a part of everyday life, have today changed and adapted to the time we live in right now. One of the things that has really changed is the way to shop in grocery stores. We have been urged to keep social distancing and avoid congregation in stores. Online grocery shopping has never been as big as it is right now, truly one of fastest growing industries!

In this article we give 7 tips aimed at food and beverages retailers to help your online business grow and follow trends.

Groceries delivered directly to the door

Offer your customer the opportunity to order their groceries online and get them delivered directly to their door every week.

food delivery

Table of contents

Make sure you have tables of contents that are easy to read so the customers can easily see what the products contain. Label the products that are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetarian, for example.


It’s a good idea to have a category page consisting of recipes on your e-commerce store. Recommend recipes that are suitable for the season and link directly to the ingredients needed to complete the recipe.

food recipes

Newsletter subscription

Give your customers the opportunity to subscribe to your weekly newsletter. Let the emails contain discounts, recipes and other information.

Specialised assortment

Ensure you have the optimal assortment for your store and offer products that are not available everywhere. By offering a specialised assortment, you get customers to stay with you and then also increase sales on other products.

online food

Automated merchandising

It’s almost impossible to track everything, and control your merchandising in real-time. Your merchandising needs to be highly automated. Voyado Elevate helps you respond quickly to emerging trends and seasonal assortment changes.

Food bags

Offer your customers the opportunity to order food bags every week. Let the bags contain recipes and ingredients for meals and let the customers choose between some different bags. Vegetarian, easy to cook and family bag, for example.

groceries bags

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