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Home decoration e-commerce: 9 Tips To Boost your site

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Home decoration e-commerce: 9 Tips To Boost your site

Online shopping behaviors have truly changed during the last years. Today, most things are ordered online, Home decoration is no exception. In this article we give 9 tips aimed at home decoration retailers to help your online business grow and follow trends.

Product description

In the Home decoration industry, a good and well-written product description is required. Material, size and dimensions, color, and other important information about the products. This might be crucial whether it will be a purchase or not.

Newsletter subscription

Give your customers the opportunity to subscribe to your weekly (or monthly) newsletter. Emails contain news, discounts, inspiration and information from your e-commerce site.


Category pages

Give your customers the ability to easily navigate around your e-commerce site, and quickly find what they are looking for, using category pages.

Home decoration articles/guides

Make sure you have articles/guides with interior design tips, links to seasonal products and trendspotting. That way, you can easily reach customers and create greater interest in your products.

User generated content

Online shoppers research a lot before making a purchase, by gathering information about the product they want to buy. Reading user experiences, product reviews and ratings is a part of the purchase decision. It’s a good idea to use photos shared by customers.

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Collect all frequently asked questions in one place on your e-commerce site. A good FAQ site can give you both happier customers and better rankings on Google. Gather the most common questions that visitors or customers ask, as well as answers to these.


Influencers can boost your brand, increase sales and reach out directly to your target audience in a way that has never been possible before. Your e-commerce conversion rate is dependent on this. To try to track everything, and control your merchandising in real-time, is almost impossible. Your merchandising needs to be highly automated, and react to this influence. The more relevant your products are, the more you can increase your sales. Show the right products, at the right places, at the right times.

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Virtual Try-on

Let your customer see what your products would look like when placed in their homes. Present your products in a customised and personalised way. Use of 3D visulation tools on your e-commerce site gives your customers the ability to visualise your products in their homes from the comfort of their own homes.

Collaborate with professional decorators

It is a good idea to collaborate with talented decorators. Let them decorate with your products and show the results on their social media channels such as Youtube and Instagram.

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