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Clas Ohlson choose eSales to improve the customer experience online

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Clas Ohlson choose eSales to improve the customer experience online

When the pandemic hit, many stores were affected by a decreased customer flow. On the other hand, the flow of eCommerce increased. This is something that has been clearly noticed by the chain store, Clas Ohlson.

Apptus eSales has helped us to offer quality customer service online, says Peder Apelgren, CDO at Clas Ohlson.

Peder Apelgren
Peder Apelgren, CDO Clas Ohlson.

The last quarter, our online sales increased by 63%, says Peder Apelgren.

Corona is one major reason why eCommerce has increased so significantly. The development is completely in line with Clas Ohlson’s strategy, but much, much faster. As more and more people are turning to eCommerce, it is imperative that the experience is as smooth as possible for the visitors.

eSales helps to create a positive customer experience. In the same way our salespeople in the stores help customers, eSales does this with relevant search results and product suggestions online, says Peder Apelgren.

- Our vision has always been to imitate a good salesman in a store, it should be easy to access what you are looking for, says Michael Mokhberi, CEO and co-founder of Apptus.

Michael Mokhberi
Michael Mokhberi,
CEO and co-founder of Apptus.

This is how it works. Apptus eSales offer automated product exposure and optimises eCommerce via search, navigation, and recommendations. Before eSales, it has been both difficult and time-consuming for Clas Ohlson to administer a range of approximately 15,000 products. Now, everything is done by automation with eSales and thanks to this service, they have experienced an increased order value.

- These are signs that we are more relevant, says Peder Apelgren.

Ecommerce is now a necessity. Apptus saw the potential in eCommerce early on and has invested in making it more relevant. Maybe that’s why half of Sweden’s largest e-retailers use eSales. The strong growth of eCommerce that Apptus predicted has become reality.

Ecommerce is no longer just a fun thing, it is a necessary function of society, concludes Michael Mokhberi.