A high-performance Search and Merchandising solution
tailor-made for online fashion retailers

Digital transformation is taking place across all retail sectors, requiring businesses to adapt or risk losing everything. The fashion industry is no exception, and like it or not, e-commerce is here to stay.

To help you be truly successful throughout this journey, we at Apptus have launched a digital retail solution with strong fashion focus – eSales Fashion. As the Product Manager I have the great privilege of introducing this pioneering product to you.

The core of eSales Fashion consists of a product-ranking engine, based on machine learning, catering for search, category listings, navigation and recommendations. Additionally, it offers a set of Web Components that are built specially to take full advantage of the core. This means that every function has been intensively researched and designed all the way from the algorithms to the end user visualization, for maximum impact.

Embracing a vertical approach with specializationin fashion has enabled us to build some really cool features that just simply work. For instance, eSales Fashion provides autocorrected phrases while you type, with correct highlighting. Phrase suggestions are distinct to really help the user, avoiding unnecessary confusion such as presenting both t-shirt, tshirt and t-shirts at the same time. Search features a true understanding of the colours through advanced image analysis, allowing users to find precisely the colours they are after.

What I’ve presented is just a taster of the capabilities, and to do each one justice, each need a stage of their own. Stay tuned and contact us to learn more about how eSales Fashion can help you on your digital journey!