City Gross has chosen Apptus merchandising solution

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City Gross, one of Sweden's largest food wholesalers, is increasing their engagement in e-commerce and will offer their entire product range online. The company has chosen Apptus’ search and merchandising solution to accelerate online sales.

The store chain has previously offered both ready-made food bags and an assortment of food items online, but now the entire range will be available. To be able to provide relevant shopping experiences and power their online growth, City Gross is investing in the intelligent automation of eSales Enterprise.

Relevance on a personal level

The way in which people shop for groceries is different online. Online shoppers tend to stick to their habits and are less inclined to explore, which makes them choose well-known brands, or brands and products they regularly purchase.

That’s one of the major reasons why City Gross chose eSales Enterprise - its abilities to present personally relevant products to every shopper throughout all aspects of their site; search, category listings and recommendations.

About City Gross

City Gross has been running family-owned supermarkets since 1993. The company has 44 stores in Sweden, offering fresh Swedish meat cut and packed in-store, manual counters for seafood and freshly baked bread from their own bakeries.

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