Have you ever noticed products on your site that really shouldn’t appear that high in the rankings? For example: seasonal products out of season, or spare parts ranked higher than main products or from a supplier that you are trying to phase out.  

In most cases you can lean back and let Apptus eSales take care of product ranking on your site. The automatic ranking in eSales orders the products based on criteria like product information, customers behaviour and exposure strategy, and does this well in most cases. However, there are specific cases, like hiding seasonal products outside the season, when you probably want to intervene.  

New Demote feature in Apptus eSales 

At Apptus, we have added more control to your digital merchandising: a new tool to bury the products you find positioned too high in lists.  

Consider it the opposite of Promote products. 


With the Demote feature you have the ability to manually select a number of products or filter products by attribute using rule based selection. Furthermore, you can set a time interval for active demotion, meaning the products will be buried during a certain timeframe.

This gives you the handy control in specific cases.  

Use cases for Demote 

A typical use case would be where you are selling seasonal clothing: at the end of the season you want to “put them away” but still have them available if a customer is looking for them.  

Another scenario would be selling products where spare parts are used. Spare parts are often an add-on service to the customer, but not a product you want like to show unless it is a really specific product listing. Examples of this are when searching for the specific product item number or navigating to a specific category.