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Thomas Sjöberg starts new role as Director Strategic Alliances at Apptus

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Thomas Sjöberg starts new role as Director Strategic Alliances at Apptus

Welcome aboard Thomas! What will be your new role at Apptus?

I will work as Director of Strategic Alliances and focus on bringing the Apptus technology to more e-commerce eco-systems. I will also work with partnerships with companies that have complementary offerings, so we can provide a higher value for our customers.

Thomas Sjöberg
Thomas Sjöberg, New Director Strategic Alliances at Apptus.

Tell us about your background?

I have been in the Internet Industry for 25 years; I have an engineering degree in Media Technology from Lund University. I have worked at start-ups of various sizes, mostly in commercial positions. Most lately for 6.5 years at inRiver, both in roles within Sales and Product Management.

What was it that made you want to work at Apptus?

I’ve had my eyes on Apptus for a while. I find it to be a solid company with a great product and amazing opportunities going forward. I am excited to be a part of bringing Apptus eSales to more customers and communities in the years to come

What’s your first impression of Apptus and eSales?

Friendly people! Lots of good material to consume to learn about the product. Many layers of sophistication in eSales to support radically smarter merchandising.

We are so happy to have Thomas onboard and are looking forward to our future together.

Thomas Sjöberg working