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Voyado Elevate and 3bits Join Forces in an Enterprising Union

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Voyado Elevate and 3bits Join Forces in an Enterprising Union

Artificial intelligence proves to be a unifying element in a new partnership, bringing Voyado, a trailblazer in digital merchandising solutions, and 3bits, a sophisticated digital solution and development corporation, together in a dynamic union.

3bits, based out of Gothenburg and Jönköping, focuses on comprehensive development of all aspects of e-commerce, from website/business development and optimization to technical implementation of solutions. 3bits have worked with a variety of e-retailers and corporations over the past 13 years including, Lindex, Tingstad, Ragn-Sells, and even stretched into the healthcare industry working with companies like Mölnlycke Health Care. However, 3bits was looking to expand their capabilities of providing their customers with a solution of prioritizing relevant items unique to each site visitor’s behaviors, and Voyado had the key!

Voyado Elevate uses AI and machine powered learning to optimize e-retailers product display, putting more relevant items in front of the consumer and allowing the retailer to customize and sort items how they think best. Voyado Elevate uses components such as Site search, Site navigation, Product recommendations and Email recommendations to enhance ecommerce platforms, and simplify the shopper’s experience.

Stefan Winterlén, CEO at 3bits elaborates on a relevant concern in the ecommerce industry

Often a visit is not so long, and the customer's patience is relatively short. Providing such relevant content during this period is crucial for better conversion.

He believes there is a solution by emphasizing, “We are convinced that many e-retailers can increase sales by having the site constantly more optimized in the form of relevant products being shown to the right users.”.

Voyado has a uniquely good solution for using smart automation and AI to optimize the site to an extent that is possible for the site's editors / merchandisers. We look forward to continued collaboration with Voyado – Stefan Winterlén, CEO – 3bits.

Voyado is thrilled to be entering this partnership and to provide these relevance capabilities to 3bits.