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Kodexe and Voyado - a strategic alliance for modern e-commerce

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Kodexe and Voyado - a strategic alliance for modern e-commerce

The alliance will offer a strong solution when it comes to implementing an e-commerce that is specific and extremely relevant for the target group.

Voyado is happy to announce our newly signed partnership with Kodexe. Kodexe has been in the digital commerce industry since 1998, and Voyado and Kodexe have been collaborating since the early 2000s.

Voyado and Kodexe are now forming a strategic partnership to be able to offer their customers a specific and relevant e-commerce experience.

We at Kodexe are very happy and proud to continue our 20-years collaboration, and to finally make it official! Our newly signed partnership agreement is a bit like getting married after being together for a long time says Michael Nilsson Pauli, Digital Business Pioneer at Kodexe.

“Apptus has designed their solutions in a very good way, it’s modern SaaS and fits very well into our headless-thinking. The solution fills a void in an e-commerce platform and has an architecture for integrations” says Per Bolmstedt, Digital High Tech Pioneer at Kodexe.

We are pleased to add Kodexe to our network of our Implementation Partners. Kodexe has over 20 years of experience in the area of CMS and e-commerce solutions and has proven to be a reliable provider for great brands and retailers says Simon Fredriksson, Partner Manager at Voyado.

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Voyado Elevate is a solution for optimising your e-commerce site, built with 20 years of experience with e-commerce retail solutions. Elevate is highly automated, and leverages AI, with machine learning to better understand and react to customer preferences and behaviour.


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