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The value of Apptus partnership

The Apptus B.I.G. Partner Program is a comprehensive program designed for eCommerce consultants and integrators who work on mid and large sized eCommerce implementations.

Apptus eSales works with any eCommerce platform, whether custom-built or packaged, and meets the critical needs and interests of companies seeking to become consulting, advisory or technology leaders within eCommerce optimisation/personalisation/merchandising. 


We offer three partner levels that align to how partners typically want to work with us. The benefits and requirements are dependent on these levels and are broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold.


As a Bronze-level partner you demonstrate a commitment to developing a long-term relationship with Apptus. You are in the process of building a sustainable business around the next level of AI-powered eCommerce Optimisation, merchandising and personalisation.


Silver-level partners are industry leading and committed to doing significant business with Apptus.

You will have a track record of success with Apptus eSales, and have established regional leadership including appropriate industry solutions and value-add.


The Gold-level is the highest achievement level within the program. You have a deeper focus on delivering Apptus eSales as a key part of your implementation business.

At this level you are assigned a named account manager with executive involvement and enjoy a substantial commitment from Apptus. This is demonstrated by the number of leads, joint closed deals, customer references and certifications achieved by the Partner team.

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