Maybe it’s that time of the year for presents. Or maybe it’s just the time to launch a campaign for lifting sales within a category.

Whichever the case, having ads on your web shop triggers interest. People associate promotional campaigns with opportunities for getting either inspiration or good prices.

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Ads for your promotional campaigns

An e-commerce campaign displays an ad (banner) on your website to draw attention to a specific product, category or brand that you offer. The promotion can run for a limited period of time and you can tailor it along with your desired criteria.

Run effective campaigns

Apptus eSales solution for Ads is designed to reduce site abandonment and increase conversion by focusing on relevance. Apptus eSales ensures that the most relevant promotional content is displayed for a specific area.

Since every visitor is unique, you want to show them the most relevant ad. But you’d also like to take into consideration the popularity of the ad, the level of sales resulting from the ad, and how many times the visitor has already seen the ad.

Therefore, Apptus eSales Ads feature various algorithms depending on the context that you want to prioritise. The ads are measured for their performance based on how much revenue an ad has generated through resulting clicks & purchases, the click-through rate of the ad, and how often the ad has been displayed.


Working with live ads

In addition to a regular banner ad, Apptus eSales can also display products on top of (or instead of) the banner. These are called live ads because the products are decided in real-time, from a superset of context-relevant products.

Products will be selected and ranked based on the active exposure strategy as set in the Business App.

Context for Ads 

Ad by customer
These are selected based on the individual visitor’s behaviour, including their purchases & current basket contents.
Ad by product

These are selected based on their relationship to some products.

Ad by search

These are selected based on their relevance to a specific search query.

Top ads
The ads that perform the best across the site can also be shown, regardless of the visitor, product or search context.

Ads working in sync with the other functions of your e-commerce site

Search, Navigation, Recommendations and Ads work seamlessly together. This is because of the unified approach Apptus eSales algorithms employ by integrating the four e-commerce pillars without having a negative overall impact.

The holistic unified approach offers a competitive edge to your e-commerce site.


To create a campaign this quickly from idea to roll-out has always been a massive manual workload, but now it is merely a case of getting the artwork for the banners done in time.

Thanks to Apptus eSales and machine learning everything else is now done much faster. Our site ran like clockwork throughout Black Friday with 100% availability. We are very pleased that we took the decision to take the leap to Apptus Cloud! ”

Mikael Olander, CEO, Bygghemma Group
Mikael Olander
CEO, Bygghemma Group