Radically smarter merchandising for shopware

eSales for Shopware simply provides a smarter way of servicing your customers with the products most relevant to them.

It allows merchandisers to focus on creating great content for the right context while eSales does the heavy lifting of rearranging products.

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Increased conversion

Instant optimisation, increasing relevance and driving conversion performance.

Continuous optimisation

Product listings constantly evaluated and optimised based on “Wisdom of the crowds” utilising Machine Learning.

Fast and easy to deploy

Plugin available in the Shopware store. Gain instant results and value from utilising Shopware data.


Distinction of search words pinpointing intentions and optimising what products are converting best, given the input.

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Constantly improving

Out-of-the-box testing for optimised results over time.

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Partner Programme

Apptus success depends on making its partners successful, and we have developed our Partner Programme to make this happen.

Some benefits for Apptus partners are:

  • Kickback based on the length of the customer license
  • Sales and Technical education of Apptus eSales
  • Shared leads from Apptus
  • Marketing funding
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