AI-powered e-commerce optimisation for the Shopware world

Apptus eSales is a leading software solution for intelligent personalisation of customer experience in the e-commerce industry. With the release of eSales for Shopware, the functionality of eSales Enterprise is now even easier and faster to implement and configure with Shopware.

Shopware Plugin
Apptus eSales for Shopware deploys Apptus eSales capabilities through a plugin. This enables online retailers to simplify and shorten the integration of Apptus eSales in their system.
Fast and easy to integrate
The functionality of Apptus eSales is now even easier and faster to implement and configure with Shopware. Using the plugin leads to less maintenance and lower integration risk.
New or current customer
The offer is relevant for new Apptus eSales customers using Shopware, and for existing customers who choose to switch to Shopware.

The plugin empowers you with eSales Enterprise capabilities

Deployed through the Shopware plugin, eSales Enterprise real-time machine learning algorithms are employed to analyse user behaviour. Further on, automatically gained insights help the system adjust the product exposure on the entire site to match the interests of individual user.

eSales Enterprise demonstrates a significant increase in the conversion rate and in other business KPIs, while reducing the manual effort via significant automation.

eSales for Shopware offers a complete suite of features that are important for the intelligent optimization of an online shop, in particular Site Search, Site Navigation, and Product Recommendations.

Shopware and Apptus eSales infographics

For the merchandiser, this offers a key advantage since the software is able to learn by itself and implement the learnings automatically in the algorithm.

Products are selected and automatically displayed for each user based on individual behaviour data, so that maximal conversion is achieved due to a high relevance of the exposed products to the user.

All data points of the online shop are analysed in real time in order to personalize the offer and expose the most relevant products and content to each individual user.


eSales for Shopware learns automatically with every single action of a user to help the merchandiser achieve the commercial goals and lift the sales line. The merchandiser can see how customers interact with products across their entire site and adjust product exposures to better meet their objectives.

Apptus clients include some of the world’s largest retailers. No matter what your catalogue size, or customer base, eSales for Shopware has been engineered to meet the most demanding requirements..

Availability & Installation

eSales for Shopware plugin is included in the eSales Enterprise license agreement and is available by your Apptus contact.

To install the plugin, you need a Shopware site version 5.3 or later.

For configuration and technical requirements please ask your Apptus contact.