eSales Lifestyle

Intelligent search and merchandising solution
tailor-made for online retailers

One solution

eSales Lifestyle provides you with intelligent merchandising that delights, guides and inspires shoppers by showing the most relevant products in all areas of your digital shop.

One solution for relevant experiences across your entire site

eSales Lifestyle takes online merchandising to a whole new level. It combines on-site search, category listings and recommendations into a single unified solution.

Each component learns from and informs the others to deliver a truly relevant experience proven to increase conversion, revenue or profit – the choice is yours!

Optimises performance in real time

eSales Lifestyle is a powerful solution that utilizes AI to automate the workload, removing much of the manual heavy lifting. The AI reacts faster than any human and is able to catch both micro and macro trends. It learns from visitors’ behaviour in real-time, anticipating their intent, and adapts the results to rank the most relevant products higher, maximising your sales. Easy-to-use tools ensure there’s still room for a merchandiser’s human touch.

one solution
A/B testing

Removes the guesswork and maximises results

Predictive analytics guides strategic decision making that helps you reach optimum merchandising results. Offering A/B testing, you can optimise the whole site to drive towards a chosen business objective: conversion, revenue or profit, whichever gives you the best result.

Fashion-specific capabilities

Built with over 15 years’ experience of e-commerce retail solutions

What’s truly exceptional about eSales Lifestyle is the fashion-specific functionality it provides, including features such as colour name search, automatic image analysis, and explicit sizing support.

Fashion clothes

Finds your true colours

No more manual colour tagging of products. Using advanced AI techniques, eSales Lifestyle determines colours automatically through image analysis. It knows that ‘burgundy’ is a nuance of red and that ‘light blue’ is a two-word colour describing a shade of blue.

Works seamlessly

for both mobile and web

Does your mobile website lag behind? eSales Lifestyle provides a great user experience with dedicated support for both mobile and desktop. It’s automatically upgraded with new capabilities that you can try out.

Size matters

eSales Lifestyle understands size. It provides size relevance in product lists and supports different size scales and size types. Simply put - we make sure that you don’t over expose that trendy shirt that’s only available in that one odd size.

Fast time-to-market

due to easy integration

You can be up and running in a matter of weeks. eSales Lifestyle is packaged in an easy-to-implement way, with well-designed and easy-to-integrate desktop and mobile components.
Learn more:
eSales Lifestyle Documentation

eSales Lifestyle is built using over 60 specific UX guidelines from the Baymard Institute, a globally recognised research organisation specialised in validation and standards for e-commerce UX design.

Clever ways for exploring and finding products

Search as you type user interface
Semantic search blue dress
Category listing user component
Complementary recommendations

Smart tools

that lifts your bottom line

Promotions and demotions

To affect seasonal products, manage stock levels or reward house brands, you can manually boost selected products to be pushed higher up in the product listings. The opposite is to demote selected products, such as seasonal wear that’s out of season, by burying them lower down in search results and category pages.

Promotions and demotions example
Strategies for maximising business goals

Maximising business goals

eSales Lifestyle enables you to automatically optimise what kind of products to expose on your site based on which business objective you choose:
more conversions or higher revenue or profit.

Conversions exposes products that sell more. Optimising for revenue exposes higher priced products and optimising for profit exposes high margin products. You can switch strategy to catch pay-days or to sell out old stock. Test what works for you!