business app dashboard

Business App

The Business App allows for quick insights into sales performance such as origin, conversion, revenue and profit.  

Furthermore, the App enables merchandisers to: 

- control exposure strategies 
perform related A/B-tests and 
promote and demote products,  

all this with just a few clicks. 

Experience App 

The Experience App is where you follow statistics of search phrases and where synonyms are managed 

You can see how well a specific search phrase is performing, when it comes to conversion rate, hit ratio and other granular Search performance data. 

Learn more about: Apptus eSales Search

experience app
integration app

Integration App

The Integration App allows an integrator to get a quick overview of the integration status of Apptus eSales.  

The overview includes eSales status, last import time, and notifications. 

Admin App

The Admin App enables access rights management to apps and markets, as well as to system configuration.