Apptus eSales knows a lot, especially about the history of your site. Promotions and Demotions in Apptus eSales are tools for feeding human intelligence into Apptus eSales in order to affect the future behaviour of your visitors.

These tools give answers to many of your tactical needs as an e-commerce manager or merchandiser, for your site to deliver successful results.

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How do Promotions work?

A promotion boosts the rank of a product relative to its own performance and context. A promoted product in a broad context spanning over multiple categories will get a decent shift in position, while in a more narrow context the product ends up at first or second position.

promote products

- Every action you take on promotions has instant effect = it's real time.
- Apptus eSales automation capabilities will figure out the right contexts to apply the promotion (no dependence on CMS whatsoever).

How do Demotions work?

Demotions bury the products you find positioned too high in lists. Quite opposite to Promotions! You get the means to manually choose the products by various criteria. And you decide the time-frame for the demotion being active.


What use cases do Promotions enable?

Promotions is a powerful and general tool for affecting your visitors' behavior. As such the only limit for how you use it is your creativity. We've collected some of the most common, powerful and intuitive use cases for you:



Kickstart your site's seasonal feeling to exploit anticipated behaviour changes.


When you know a seasonal or specific assortment will gain popularity and you want your site to be ready. Christmas, Halloween, School start, Easter, Wedding - the list goes on.


Recommended tactic is to select a few, say 1-3 desirable signature products that reflect the season and give them the largest boost available. Couple that with a wider selection of 5-15 products that you give a medium or small boost level. Make sure to measure the effect of the promotion (this automatically A/B tests the impact)


- Expect the promoted products to sell between 5-45% more than without promotions.
- Visually you'll see the product exposures in search, recommendations and category pages reflect the new season faster than without promotions.

Seasonality use case
Manage the stock level use case

Manage the stock level


If you find yourself with a large stock level of certain products that you know will be hard to clear with organic sales.


Use the tactic at the end of a product's lifecycle or when you realise something is very expensive to keep in stock.


Create a promotion with the identified products and give them a medium boost to expose them more frequently. Handpick the products that are expensive to keep in stock and promote them until they sell out. As soon as they sell out Apptus eSales will automatically stop showing them.


- Expect the promoted products to sell between 5-20% more than without promotions (depending on your settings)
- This tactic can address multiple cost centres (i.e sales and warehousing) and the combined effect can be very profitable.

Omnichannel campaigns


When you run campaigns in offline or online media you can easily match product exposure on your site to reflect it. This is especially useful if your campaigns are centred around certain products, brands or seasons.


Plan and configure the promotion in advance with start and end dates matching the campaign and eSales will follow suit.


Create a promotion by handpicking the products / brands / seasonal selection and give them a medium or large boost in eSales.


- Expect the promoted products to sell 5-45% more than without having them promoted.

Omnichannel campaigns use case
Reward your suppliers or house brands use case

Reward your suppliers or house brands


Strengthen your relations with your best suppliers or leverage your house brand.


Exploit this when you negotiate with your suppliers the next time and trade online promotions for a better volume discount.


Give a small boost to larger sets of products or entire brands. Keep them running for extended time periods and evaluate the impact using the built in A/B testing capability. You want to use the small or medium promotions levels in order to not affect the organic relevance too much (as this will risk your users to react negatively and label you as a pushy retailer).


- Expect a modest lift of 5-15% increase in sales of the promoted items sustained over a longer period.

Use cases for Demotions

Seasonal clothing

A typical use case would be where you are selling seasonal clothing: at the end of the season you want to “put them away” but still have them available if a customer is looking for them.  

Spare parts

Another scenario would be selling products where spare parts are used. Spare parts are often an add-on service to the customer, but not products you want to show, unless searching  for the specific item number or navigating to a specific category. 


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