The ability to find products is key to e-commerce. Good navigation gives visitors an overview of what they can find on the site and makes browsing easier. It guides visitors quickly and efficiently to the products they are looking for. Done correctly, this can help you meet your business objectives, and even exceed them.

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Navigation that makes sense

Navigation should make exploring a website intuitive. Faceted navigation helps users to sort and narrow down the products to those that match their needs. When implemented well, it enables them to investigate several choices and return without affecting previously selected refinements.

Facets filter down a list to what is relevant

With facets, users can select combinations of attributes to find the right product. Facets help specify a product listing and act in conjunction with the site’s categories.
A facet can consist of a list of values (e.g. colour) or a range interval (e.g. price). With Apptus eSales, the facets shown on a specific page, as well as the order of them, can be dynamically set for each request to give the most relevance to the products listed on the page.

Relevance based on the probability of purchase

Apptus eSales’ AI algorithms optimise the sort order in categories and product listings in real-time, using both behavioural data from the whole site and the retailer’s set product exposure strategy.
In Apptus eSales,relevance is the recommended algorithmic sort order, where relevance means the probability of a customer making a purchase of a certain product. Since relevance changes over time, the sorting is dynamic, meaning that every single request is calculated to have the best relevance for the specific request.

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Unified solution for optimal product exposure

Apptus eSales Navigation works closely with its other capabilities: Search, Recommendations and Ads exchanging behavioural data via a feedback loop to ensure all aspects of the site optimise product relevance. Adopting a unified approach ensures that each element complements the others and takes away any risk of one element cannibalising the sales of another or having competing business rules between them.

Apptus Navigation Features

Dynamic facets for relevant results

Apptus eSales presents relevant facets and dynamically adapts their order as the results are refined. When browsing further, these intelligent facets especially help to find more relevant matches by narrowing down the product list. Facets can be any attribute, i.e. size, colour, category, brand, to name a few.

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Product listings with the most relevant products at the top

Products listings are used to show products in a category or a more refined selection of products (from facets for example).
In Apptus eSales, the recommended product sort order is by relevance (see “Relevance built on the probability for purchase"). Each product can contain variants, which also can be sorted by relevance, so that the most likely variant to be purchased is presented first.

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Categories represent your site's offer

Categories help users get an overview of what your site is offering. To avoid over-categorisation, categories should be mutually exclusive, where possible. The presentation format of categories on a site can differ. Depending on where and what page of the site, the whole or a part of the category tree can be displayed.
With Apptus eSales it is possible to both filter which categories to show as well as limit the depth in the tree (taking facets into consideration). The categories can be ordered by name, number of products in the category or, like the products, by relevance.

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Breadcrumbs help users know where they are

Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation that help users keep track of where they are on the site. It is recommended to have breadcrumbs on both category pages as well as product detail pages.
In Apptus eSales, breadcrumbs show all categories within the journey from the root category. Since a product can be part of multiple categories, eSales will keep track of which path the user has taken.

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Boost your products manually

Promotions is a powerful tool to temporarily increase product ranking. A promotion boosts the rank of a product relative to its own performance and context. 
By promoting selected products in the product catalogue with a low, medium or high boost these products will be pushed higher up in the product listings. This feature could be used to affect seasonal products, manage stock levels or reward house brands, for example.

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Bury products with Demotions

If you find some products are positioned too high in lists, you can use Demotions to manually bury a selected range of products for a given time period. Demoted products will be shown lower down in search results, category pages, and other locations where demotions are supported. Use it to demote seasonal wear out of season or certain brands or type of products.

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Today, the big challenges are related to product discovery, relevance, search speed and personalising the user journey. Apptus eSales has been invaluable in our journey, and central to achieving a conversion rate which is more than three times higher than the market average.”

Rubie Oliphant, Product Specialist, AdLibris