Relevant search results mean big business.

There is no way to spell Brain without AI
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Apptus eSales is built for AI - data structure by and for machines.

In our search capability AI is used amongst our algorithms by optimising experiences in real time for customers as a segment of one, by listening, capturing, measuring, assessing, and addressing each customer's intent in the immediate moment of need, and in the context of real-time and historical behaviour

Product search, not just search
If you’re in eCommerce, you’ll need a search engine that is built from the ground up on a product-centric model. May it be products, variants, content results, etc.


Match each customer’s needs

Apptus eSales' Search is the only eCommerce search solution that delivers AI-Powered results across products, content and promotions – in real time.

Autocomplete means big business

Rich Autocomplete that predicts and completes the rest of the search phrase as the user is typing it, (products & images, categories, content).


Did you mean? Never miss a sale

Suggesting alternative search phrases with matches when current phrase have low relevancy matches.

Product Suggestions, take advantage of your long tail

Dynamically show relevant products when a user is typing a search phrase.

How can this help me?


Fully optimised for mobile devices.


Enterprise reliability, performance and scalability.


Seamless integration/orchestration with Recommendations, Navigation and Ads.


Ability to handle different markets with different behavioural repositories.

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