Apptus Insights for inRiver PIM

Apptus Insights provides behavioural data for visualising product performance, enabling optimisation of PIM product content for better findability and identification of opportunities.

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inRiver is a leading PIM system (Product Information Management). It simplifies comprehensive and compelling product storytelling, empowering online retailers to consolidate, enrich and publish product content to their online eCommerce site.

However, there are some challenges:

  • How do our product stories and content actually perform when published on the commerce site?
  • How well does the content resonate with our customers?
  • How do we get feedback, facts and insights to help us finetune our product storytelling to achieve better results?

Removes the guesswork

By utilising Apptus Insights for inRiver PIM, behavioural data can easily be captured and fed back into inRiver. As product catalogues are published by inRiver PIM, Apptus immediately begin the process of capturing behavioural data, for each product, across all sales channels, and feeds it back to inRiver.

The performance data captured by Apptus is then analysed in detail to gain insight to optimize product storytelling to better attract customers. It results in insight into how buyers search, navigate, buy products, as well as product performance based on historical data. Apptus Insights for inRiver PIM simply removes the guesswork, adding fact and knowledge into the equation.

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The solution – The Heatmap

As the behavioural data is looped back to inRiver, a heatmap gives you a visual assessment of product performance to help you focus on the right products, attributes and content so you can optimise them.

heatmap of product performance

The Conversion Sales Funnel

The conversion sales funnel visualises product performance by looking at clicks, add-to-cart and purchases.

Product performance

The Coldmap

In the cold map, products without user interactions are highlighted. Possible reasons can be not online, not in stock, non or bad images, missing or bad product data, or products that cannot be found. It simply displays products that should be further enriched to start performing.

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