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Apptus eSales Email Recommendations make use of unique behavioural data to send relevant product recommendations to your customers, increasing your conversion rate, CTR and revenue.

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Increase sales and inspire your customers

Make use of your customers’ behaviour on your site to send them more relevant product recommendations that can lift your conversion rate, CTR and revenue into double digits.

On-the-fly relevance

To get the freshest set of personalised products possible, we generate the recommendations when the user opens the email. No more ‘sold out’ products.

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Personalise your newsletters

Boost the relevance by including personalised product recommendations based on each user’s individual behaviour, such as the products they have viewed or purchased

Plug and play

It’s easy to set up your campaign. Just add a platform-independent block of product recommendations to your email service provider’s templates.

email recommendations plug and play
Include recommendations in your transactional emails

Spur further engagement by adding a block of attractive recommendations in your ‘order confirmation’ and ‘abandoned basket’ emails.

Create segmented campaigns

Drive smart email recommendations that match your seasonal needs and segmentation strategies. You can apply relevant filters to a product category or to price range, to match segment preferences.

Style the look & feel

Easily match the look and feel from your site or split-test alternative styling templates that can have a dramatic impact on business goals.