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eSales for commercetools improves ecommerce. It enables companies to be more relevant to their customers. It allows for the right products to be visible at exactly the right moment, with staggering accuracy, leading to higher conversion, lower degree of search exits and abandoned carts, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

By utilising eSales, merchandisers can move away from reactive, manual and rule-based merchandising – enabling automated, predictive merchandising that works with even the biggest product ranges, to present the right products in the right context at the right time.

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esales for commercetools

The Integrations Template

eSales for commercetools provides a service integration template that enables full or partial export of the commercetools product and category catalogue. Updates to the catalogue are caught from the messaging queues offered by commercetools, and by default include support for product and category, cart and order updates.

The eSales for commercetools site Integration element enables:

  • Collecting behavioural data - the process of tracking user interactions (e.g. browsing of your site, clicking on products, adding products to the cart, making purchases, mark-ups of favourites), and notifying eSales of these actions
  • Displaying the rendered content from eSales on your site - providing a library supporting +30 predefined use cases such as personalized search, navigation, recommendations and top lists

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