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eSales Search is extraordinarily sophisticated. Every single keystroke in the search box ignites a multitude of actions, in real-time, as eSales instantly measures, assesses, and addresses the customers’ true intent in relation to historical behavioural data. That is why eSales always presents the most relevant products, in every moment, to every individual customer.

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A natural, yet powerful search experience for optimal relevance

eSales Search has the capability to learn from different sources such as product variants, categories, content and promotions. eSales Search continuously exchanges data with other parts of the platfom - Product Recommendations, Site Navigation and Content / Ads, to ensure site-wide product relevance and to avoid cannibalising results from the others.

"Apptus solution proved that you simply can’t beat the speed and relevance delivered through the use of AI technology."

Jens Malmqvist
Store Optimisation Manager, Dustin

A plethora of capabilities make
eSales Search radically smarter

Site search autocomplete, content and did-you-mean

As the user starts typing in the search box, eSales instantly suggests the fastest route to the intended product by making the most relevant suggestions of products, categories and content.

Content Search

Enable customers to easily find additional content such as store locations, delivery information, care instructions and brand information. It simply adds depth to the search result.

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Site search facets for fashion products

Simplifies the customer journey by presenting relevant matches in other parts of the product catalogue by dynamically displaying facets like size, colour, category and brand, adapting their order as search results are refined.

Search Reports

Statistics providing you with information about both popular and poorly performing search phrases and their conversion rates. To get better search conversions, you can improve words and phrases by adding synonyms.


A way of influencing search results and achieve higher conversion is to manually promote products and push them higher up in the list. This can be done in the beginning and end of sales periods to boost a specific supplier or event-specific products.

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What ‘sandals’ means to one person means ‘flip-flops’ to another. Synonyms advice customers and ensures that future searches are more relevant.

Product & Category Suggestions

Take advantage of your long tail as relevant products are shown to users whilst typing, enabling them to instantly find matches. On the search results page you can expose other query-relevant results such as ‘people also searched for…’, ‘people also bought…’ and trending searches.

Synonyms for site search
"eSales minimises the need for manual and tedious merchandising. That saves the merchandising team several hours or even days per week, freeing them up to focus on more strategic, higher value activities."
Rickard Lyko

Rickard Lyko
CEO and Owner, Lyko

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