Apptus are attending Avensia Inspires Summit, a conference created for our partner Avensia’s customers. This to gather the leading e-retailers in the Nordic countries to discuss challenges, inspire, enlighten and socialize. Inspiring keynotes, roadmaps and discussions about Avensia’s customers’ products, as well as workshops that go deeper into business challenges is naturally a given during the two day summit.

One of the roadmaps on May 30th is assigned to Jakob Bignert, VP of Product at Apptus, who will talk about Apptus eSales’ ongoing, near future & long term product development initiatives.

Pre book a meeting  on site  with me Jesper at or my colleague Sophia at and we will tell you all about Apptus eSales, show you a demo and how you can enhance your customer experience and increase your profit!


See you in Helsingborg!




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