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What are banner ads? 

Banner ads, web banners or display ads are embedded advertisement on a web page to promote and show customers products, brands, events or services.

There are different forms of showing ads, for example:
  • Hero images
  • Pop-up ads
  • Live Banners

Hero images are large web banner images. Usually it's the first visual element a visitor encounters on the website. It can be static, animated or dynamic, for example a rotating lists of images or texts.

Pop-ups are usually displayed in a small window that suddenly appears in the foreground of the site. They can contain anything from products, videos or just plain text promoting an offer on the site.

Live banners are created dynamically at the time of display. They can even be generated in real time. Catch your customers attention by including animations, video, images or sound, in your banner design. 

Since every website visitor is unique, you want to show them the most relevant ads and web banners. But you’ll also want to consider the popularity of the ad, the level of sales resulting from it, and how many times the visitor has already seen it.

mobile ui showing retail store selling electronics




Display ads - powered by artificial intelligence

eSales banner ads solution is designed to reduce website abandonment and increase conversion by focusing on relevance. It ensures that the most relevant promotional content is displayed for a specific area. Promotional campaigns can run for a limited period of time and you can tailor it along with your desired criteria.

Performance is measured based on how much revenue it has generated through resulting clicks and purchases, click-through rate (CTA) and how often the ad has been displayed.


Increase e-commerce sales with live banners

In addition to a regular banner ad, you can also display products on top of, or instead of, the banner. These are called live banners because the products are selected in real-time, from a set of context-relevant products. 

Products will be selected and ranked based on the active exposure strategy as set in the business app and will be personalised if possible.

AI generated ads

Relevant customer ads

These are selected based on the individual visitor’s behaviour. This includes visitors clicks, purchases and current shopping cart contents. 


Product ads

Ads of this type are based on the relationship between products and ads. Each ad are related to a set of products, used to decide how relevant each individual ad are for the specific time.

Optimise site search results

A request for an Ad by search will return the most relevant ad to the context of the search query result. This will add extra value to the search result page with relevant ads together with the products.


Display the best performing ads

Top ads are ads that regardless of visitor, product or search context are high performing on the site. Performance are based on generated revenue, displays and click-through-rate of the ad.

Working in sync with AI solutions for online retailing

eSales Banner ads work seamlessly together with Site Search, Site Navigation and Product Recommendations to ensure a positive overall impact on product relevance.


To create a campaign this quickly from idea to roll-out has always been a massive manual workload, but now it is merely a case of getting the artwork for the banners done in time. Thanks to Apptus eSales and machine learning everything else is now done much faster.

Mikael Olander, CEO, Bygghemma Group
Mikael Olander
CEO, Bygghemma Group