Exposure Strategies

Show the products that maximises your business goals

Optimise for your business goal

eSales only show relevant products that has a high likelihood to convert. On top of this we have built our Exposure Strategies that enables you to select a specific business goal for eSales to drive towards. Think of it as a switch to optimise exposure of products that contribute most to conversions, revenue or profit.


Expose products that sell more

Lifts products that contribute to Conversion as much as possible while still conserving Revenue and Profit metrics.


Expose high margin products

Lifts products that generate as much Profit as possible with minimal impact on conversions and revenue.


Expose higher priced products

Lifts products that contribute to as high overall Revenue as possible with as small effect on the other metrics as possible.

How it works

eSales keeps track of conversions and stores the conversion properties for every product and how these change over time. Exposure strategies optimises what the customers see in terms of phrase and product suggestions in the search assistant and product listings. The product ranking is different depending on what strategy you use.

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A/B test - Conversion vs Profit strategy

How Conversions, Revenue and Profit are affected

Apptus A/B test example

Average prediction

Prediction of 95% confidence

Control of changing business objectives

There won’t be one right business objective for all times and in all markets. What may work at Christmas may not work in the summer and similarly, what may work for the UK may not work for the business in Spain. Built-in A/B tests help you to evaluate different alternatives against each other.

Business impact of common use cases

Run an exploratory test of the three available strategies. This allows you to immediately make an informed choice on the exposure strategy that delivers the best baseline for you.

01 Testing your baseline

One client ran a profit strategy test against the revenue strategy they had used to date. After a month, the profit strategy had a 6% higher overall profit than the revenue strategy with very small trade-offs in terms of conversion rate and revenue. Read the case studie.

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02 Payday optimisation

The end of the month can be a good time to cash in rather than increase your customer base. Change strategy to from Conversion to Profit or Revenue and back again after a week or two. The effect can be rather dramatic, with profit metric lifts of about 5-12%.

03 Discounts

Get rid of old stock after Christmas or at the beginning of summer by optimising for Conversion instead of Profit or Revenue. Typically, you can lift the conversion rate around 3-6%.

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