Intelligent site search

If you want to increase conversion rate, revenue and average order value - the search box is the right place to start.

User searching online beauty shop
Apptus eSales search infographics

Search built on people’s intentions

The search function is centred around each visitor's intent. It listens captures, measures, assesses and immediately addresses this intent – both in real-time and in relation to historical behaviour.

With the product as starting point, the search has the capability to learn from different sources such as product variants, categories, content and promotions.

Optimised search results

Search continuously exchanges data with Product Recommendations, Site Navigation and Banner Ads to ensure site-wide product relevance and avoid cannibalising results from the others.

Search capabilities

Autocomplete shortens the journey to the product

A rich Autocomplete predicts and fills in the search phrase as the user starts typing. Suggested products, categories and content are displayed and adapt according to previous searches.

Internal search autocomplete for e-commerce
Did-you-mean suggestions correct and guide

When the search phrase has low relevancy (fewer than 5 good matches), alternative search phrases are suggested.

Did you mean search function for e-commerce
Product and category suggestions take advantage of your long tail

Relevant products are shown to users whilst typing, enabling them to instantly find matches. On the search results page you can expose other query-relevant results such as ‘people also searched for…’, ‘people also bought…’ and trending searches.

Product and category suggestions helps users find products instantly
Synonyms offer fast help

What ‘sandals’ means to one person is ‘flip-flops’ to another. A user will get advice where a synonym is needed, so that future searches will respond accordingly.

Synonyms overview for e-commerce
Facets for refining the journey

Facets like size, colour, category and brand adapt their order as search results are refined. This helps when further searches find more relevant matches in other parts of the product catalogue.

Intelligent facets for refining search results
Promotions – boost for higher conversions

One way of influencing the search results is to manually promote products to push them higher up in the list. This can be used in the beginning and end of a sales period, to boost a specific supplier or boost event-specific products.

Promote products to increase e-commerce sales
Informative Search reports

Search statistics provides you with information about both popular and poorly performing search phrases and their conversion rates. To get better search conversions, you can improve words and phrases by adding synonyms.

Informative search reports to increase conversions
Content search adds depth

Content hits as well as product matches are returned, enabling the user to find store locations, delivery information, care instructions and brand information. These can be presented separately to the product results.

Content search adds depth search results

The Apptus Search Engine takes conversion rates beyond 5%

Tests run on online stores in fashion, electronics and books retailing demonstrate that Apptus Search algorithms produce an increase in conversion rates between 3.2-8%

"Apptus eSales has been invaluable in our journey, and central to achieving a conversion rate which is more than three times higher than the market average."

Rubie Oliphant
Product Specialist, AdLibris

"Conversion rate increased by a staggering 8% (which, for anyone familiar with eCommerce knows, is an astonishing improvement) and search exits decreased by 18%."

Philip Mossinger
Web Manager, CDON.COM

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